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Oil and Gas Production

Oil and Gas Congress refinery is among one of the largest oil and gas production company in Russia and the world's largest public oil and gas Company in terms of hydrocarbon reserve and liquid hydrocarbons production. One of the Company’s key priorities is increasing the resource base. Oil and Gas Congress refinery’s share in the Russian oil production reaches 40%, and over 5% of the world production. We makes long-term investments goal in global companies in different sectors, mainly in Europe, Americal and other countries. We provide cost-effective oil and gas products solutions. We match for our promise to safety and commitment to your product development. We offer the cleanest line of services with latest technology, equipment. The approaches and technology applied by Oil and Gas Congress refinery for the development of Moscow District Region fields secured the Company’s leadership in efficient commissioning of new wells and never ending customer support we are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients.


Oil business production development is among Oil and Gas Congress refinery strategic goals. Oil and Gas Congress refinery accounts for the bulk of the oil production. Oil and Gas Congress refinery is going to increase its annual hydrocarbon production to 50 million tons of oil equivalent by 2020 and maintain that level through 2025. In order to attain these goals, Oil and Gas Congress refinery will strive for maximum efficiency in the extraction of the remaining reserves from the current resource base by employing its best optimization practices, reducing the cost of proven technologies.

Process Hydrocarbon Development

The Oil and Gas Congress refinery major activities abroad include oil and gas prospecting, hydrocarbon production, service delivery, and acquisition of new oil and gas assets in the world’s key regions. The Oil and Gas Congress refinery operates in CIS coutries and Europe. Further geological surveying projects and the introduction of new methods to increase mine output will make it possible to extend this period by several more decades.

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Successful Supply production Products

Since the beginning of the production program became a key sector of production and labour in European and North American countries, This allowed the Company to produce extra 2.9 million tons of oil upon the well stock reconstruction. Oil and Gas Congress refinery continues to increasingly implement more efficient completion methods on the new wells. General operation providing daily petrochemical products productions are; Aviation Kerosene Grade “54” & Jet A-1, Virgin D6 Fuel Oil, Diesel Gasoil L-0.2-62 (Gost 305-82) [D2], High Speed Diesel Euro 4 Grade (Gasoline), Diesel Fuel (En590), Mazut M100. The division proved to be a true forge of skilled workers for the whole production products supply.