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Health, Safety, Environment And Quality

We are committed to providing services that meet our customers ' needs and expectations for quality, productivity and safety, while fostering a business culture that educates, develops and encourages our people to continuously improve all aspects of our operations. Health, safety and environment (HSE) is implemented at all levels of our business and integrated into our quality assurance system; new employees get a complete picture of Oil and Gas Congress refinery as soon as they start their work.
The company management apply HSE policies to all levels of operations and in all sectors. HSE are separate issues, each with its own technology, but they are often combined in the same functional groups within Oil and Gas Congress refinery company.

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Doing great things and changing the world for the better is an integral part of our lives. We pride ourselves on bonding over very important ideas and events. We are confident that the “give-back” from the good things we do is way bigger than the effort we’ve invested into them. The company has always sought to adhere to high standards, both in production and in social aspects. A systematic approach to the implementation of the entire social policy, focused on the needs of employees and their families, responsible business conduct contribute to the stability and efficiency of social investments both within the group companies and in the regions. A great deal of effort has been made to improve the welfare of Oil and Gas Congress refinery employees.In order to manage this process efficiently, a "Social Development Program to improve the Welfare of Employees of the Company in the Moscow District Region" was approved and the National Petroleum Industry Trade Unions Committee of the Moscow District Region. The program itemizes 190 specific jobs that must be completed. The timely completion of these jobs is under the close supervision of company management.

Shift workers receive three meals a day. At the same time, a Ters Osmosis Membrane System has been installed at the Gunashli Deep Sea Production Platform to convert sea water into drinking water. At present, the efforts are made to install this system in all deep sea production platforms. More than 212 of Oil and Gas Congress refinery's employee families are waiting for apartments. More than 400 families have been waiting for more than 20 years and 2800 have been waiting for more than 10 years. For the sake of social justice, apartment registrations and assignments have been centralized.

Oil and Gas Congress refinery are constantly researching technology which will allow them to reconcile their operations with the protection of the environment and local ecosystems.

Common HSE aspects are listed below:

➤ Assess health, safety and environmental matters before entering into new activities and reassess them in case of significant change in circumstances

➤ Require contractors working on their behalf to apply health, safety and environmental standards fully compatible with their own

➤ Recognise the concerns of shareholders, employees and society on health, safety and environmental matters, provide them with relevant information and discuss with them related company policies and practices

➤ Develop and maintain contingency procedures, in co-operation with authorities and emergency services, in order to minimise harm from any accidents

➤ Work with governments and others in the development of improved regulations and industry standards which relate to health, safety and environmental matters

➤ Conduct or support research towards the improvement of health, safety and environmental aspects of their products, processes and operations

Occupational health and safety issues should be considered as part of a comprehensive hazard or risk assessment, including, for example, a hazard identification study, hazard and operability study, or other risk assessment studies. The results should be used for health and safety management planning, in the design of the facility and safe working systems, and in the preparation and communication of safe working procedures.

The main activity of Oil and Gas Congress refinery’s Environmental Department in the sphere of environmental monitoring has been to carry out quantitative and qualitative monitoring of harmful wastes in gaseous, liquid and solid forms emitted to the atmosphere as a result of natural and anthropogenic impacts at enterprises and companies subordinated to Oil and Gas Congress refinery, on scientific grounds with the purpose of assessing and forecasting the conditions of air, water and soil environment, implementing regular control and research system defining their chemical content, degree of contamination, radioactive and hydro-biological features and physical characteristics.