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Wholesale Trading

Oil and Gas Congress refinery has become one of the premier wholesale fuel suppliers across North America. We manage and cultivate supply-chains by strategically leveraging our collective experience, deep fueling industry networks, and broad-based market acumen with an ever-increasing infrastructure footprint. Our active presence in the markets we serve is not a short-term endeavor. Oil and Gas Congress refinery involve in sales of gas and oil products in the domestic and international markets, optimally distributing flows depending on the market conditions. The company owns its own facilities for transshipment of oil and petroleum products, as well as its own pipelines, which allows to minimize transportation costs. The commodity balance reflects the main commodity flows for oil (production, processing, purchases and sales) and refined products of oil and gas (production at own refineries and GPP and third-party refineries, sales, purchases for sale, excluding purchases for processing and excluding the volume of petroleum products for processing) and petrochemicals (production and sales) of the Group, excluding dependent companies, own consumption for fuel and operational needs, changes in inventories and other items in 2015. The sums of outgoing and incoming streams may differ due to rounding.

Within the framework of Russian Federation on trade and economic cooperation to export oil and oil products in Moscow District Region (hereinafter - Agreement) and by methodology of counter oil supply of petroleum products from Moscow District Region to CIS countries, which is an integral part of Agreement and in accordance with the decision of the Government of Moscow District Region «On some issues of oil and oil products delivery" (hereinafter - Decision), the Company has been determined as operator on counter oil sales and supplies to CIS countries within and outside Russian Federation. In order to execute Resolution, the Company sold large tons/barrels of crude oil.

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Unique of Customer Needs

We appreciate that customer needs are unique, and work hard to understand and respect the differences that may exist in each market we serve. Our fully-integrated approach is designed to help customers save time and resources when it comes to fuel purchases. We manage risks by providing custom-tailored pricing structures and offer an unparalleled level of service execution on a dedicated, and consistent basis.

  • It is our commitment to quality and relentlessly serving our customers’ needs that has established our reputation for being a dependable fuel supplier across multiple products and geographies while consistently operating on-time and on-spec.

The management for oil market business challenges and stay profitable with access to spot and wholesale pricing indexes, breaking market news and refinery information. Oil and Gas Congress refinery pricing, news and analysis on shifting market fundamentals and fluctuating price trends helps protect against the financial and supply risk involved with volatile oil markets.

Refiners must know where the market is trading and trending at any time. For suppliers signing fuel supply contracts with customers, Oil and Gas Congress refinery price formulas backed by accuracy and fairness benefit both the supplier and buyer sides.

From emissions regulations changing the way fuel is bought and sold to the booming M&A scene, Oil and Gas Congress refinery keeps you informed and connected to your industry colleagues.
Intraday News Alerts deliver breaking gasoline, diesel and oil market information to you in email or on your mobile device. Quickly know about changes in the fuel slate, supply and demand, market-changing events and industry buzz.